The first edition of the Chemomics school took place from 18 to 21 November 2019 in Sète, France. This school, organized by 14 people from the scientific communities Metabohub (W4M) and Chemoocs /Chemhouse (Chemflow) with the continuing education department of INRA Montpellier, is an interdisciplinary technical school of metabolomics and chemometrics. Its aim is to bring these two communities closer together, in order to initiate common work areas that will continue beyond the school. Thus, the "discovery", "discussion" and "participation of all" aspects have been at the heart of this school based on the Barcamp pedagogical principle, or non-conference, which took the form of participatory workshops-events where the content and deliverables were provided by the participants and their activities.

Scientific sessions presented the commonalities and specificities of each community:

  •     " NMR: a case study, from the perspective of metabolomics " with Cécile Canlet (INRA Toxalim Toulouse),
  •     "NMR: a case study from a chemometrics perspective" introduced by an invited lecture by Douglas Rutledge (Agroparistech Paris),
  •     " Mass spectrometry, from the point of view of metabolomics " by Jean-François Martin (INRA),
  •     "Processing of near infrared spectra" with Jean-Michel Roger (IRSTEA ITAP Montpellier - Chemhouse),
  •     "History and Future of Chemometrics" introduced by an invited lecture by Douglas Rutledge (Agroparistech Paris),
  •     "History of statistical approaches in metabolomics" with Alain Paris (MNHN - MCAM).

Then participative workshops were held on Tuesday and Wednesday with the delivery of a content. The topics were:

  •     ICA, RCM, Deconvolution
  •     Model Validation, and Robustness: Validation
  •     Multi-block, Data Merger
  •     Filtering, noise evaluation
  •     Variable selection
  •     W4M Workflow and Chemflow, data format preprocessing
  •     Missing data NA
  •     Take a step back from the stats or... what? How?
  •     Treatment without preconceived ideas, standardization

This school brought together 37 PhD students, researchers, engineers from institutes and people from private companies.

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