Chemomics, mixed school of metabolomics and chemometrics.


Chemometrics has developed since the 1980s around a community mainly made up of near-infrared spectroscopy users.
Metabolomics has developed since the 2000s around users of mass spectroscopy (MS) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).
The data pre-processing of these two communities are very different as they are specific to the acquisition tools. But once the data pre-processing stage is over, the two communities converge towards the same data analysis tools, many of which are already used in chemometrics.
The mixed school must encourage this natural convergence between the two communities.
The objective is to achieve a better mutual understanding and to initiate common work axes.


  • Scientific leaders :
    • Julien Boccard, Univ Genève
    • Jean-Claude Boulet, INRA, ChemHouse
    • Binta Diémé, UCA,  MetaboHub
    • Franck Giacomoni, INRA,  MetaboHub
    • Yann Guitton, Oniris-Laberca,  MetaboHub
    • Eric Latrille, INRA, ChemHouse
    • Mélanie Pétéra, INRA, Metabohub
    • Jean-Michel Roger, IRSTEA, ChemHouse
    • Virginie Rossard, INRA, ChemHouse
    • Sylvie Roussel, Ondalys, ChemHouse
    • Marie Tremblay-Franco, INRAE,  MetaboHub
  • Educational leader :
    • Christophe Lebègue, INRAE Montpellier
  • Administrative Officers :
    • Candie Lacroce, INRAE Montpellier
    • Sylvia Baudette, INRAE Montpellier
  • Outside speakers, lecturers :
    • DN Rutledge, Professor Emeritus at AgroParisTech, France, Associate Professor at Charles Sturt University, Australia.
    • Alain Paris, professor, CNRS- MnHN


  • know and know how to use the concepts of the other community.
  • organize scientific and technical collaboration between experts in chemometrics and metabolomics.
  • be able to jointly produce knowledge and tools.


  • Chemomics-2019, 18-22 November 2019, Le lazaret, Sète, France.
  • Chemomics-2021, scheduled for March 15-18, 2021, location to be defined.

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