What is ChemHouse ?

ChemHouse is a research group, bringing together experts in chemometrics, users and PhD students from partner institutes and companies:

  • INRAE : ITAP, LBE, SPO, AGAP, Eco&Sol, …
  • HelioSPIR
  • SupAgro Fondation
  • Institut Agro
  • VetAgroSup
  • Lasalle Beauvais
  • Pellenc ST

ChemHouse's objective is to help its partners to overcome methodological barriers and difficulties in the use of chemometrics by ensuring that :

  • tutoring of agents, in support of CheMoocs and in partnership with their training services
  • assistance in data processing, and advice to users of modern analytical chemistry techniques, such as infrared spectrometry
  • customization of Chemoocs online chemometrics courses and Chemflow software
  • scientific animation in chemometrics

It's a place of collaboration, exchange and welcome to:

  • process data
  • develop new methods
  • build research projects
  • develop the teaching of chemometric


  • is a young discipline, lacking academic acknowledgement
  • responds to a growing demand (analytical chemistry)
  • but relies on a too small number of self trained experts

Too few courses really dedicated to Chemometrics in France

  • Master OPEX at l’Université de Bretagne Ouest, mixed with quality topic
  • An option in the teaching at ONIRIS, mixed with sensometry topic
  • Some modules in the Agronomic Engineer Schools, 
  • Concentrated in Nothern Europe (SW, NW, NL, DK)
  • Stop of IAQA team at Agroparistech

The Current Context

  • since 2003, HELIOSPIR: association for NIRS development, Animation, training, especially in chemometrics
  • since 2014, the INRA NIRS network: animation, training, especially in chemometrics at INRA
  • 2015 : a survey on chemometrics is launched by INRA's EA department
  • since 2012, FACT: Toolbox Scilab, codes from "Saisir" D. Bertrand (retired INRA CEPIA)
  • since 2015, Chemoocs: chemometric MOOC
  • since 2015 Chemflow: chemometrics software

The concept of ChemHouse


Partnership research

  • Response to calls for projects (typ. ANR), on behalf of Chemhouse
  • Research prestations for industrial partners

International exchanges

  • Hosting of students, applicants for support
  • Participation in ERASMUS programmes
  • Hosting of researchers
  • Organization of events (Seminars, Conferences, Researcher Schools)
  • Setting up and participating in European projects

Collaborative work in a single place (ITAP)

  • Each one is specialized in the problems of its team of origin
  • But everyone is called upon to collaborate on the cluster's projects
  • Pooling of know-how
  • The mass of the collective brings recognition, thanks to the pooling of networks
  • Possibility to invest in complex applications and research fields

Staffing levels

  • Initially, in 2017, approximately 10 people
  • Then: reception and hiring according to projects and needs
  • In 2020: 47 members

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